Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Official site visit

Today we had our first official site visit with the architects, MoE and builders. It was amazing to see the progress on site and get a chance to walk inside the learning studios.
The transition from plans to slabs to frames is fabulous to watch and the perspective of size changes with each stage. From a novice perspective, the dimensions of the plans are difficult to gauge, then the slabs go down and they look really small but once the frames are up and you get a chance to walk around inside the space looks huge!
We are extremely lucky to have such a well designed learning space for our future children. The design encompasses everything we currently know about how to create the very best learning spaces for our children and the visit today affirmed for me that we are creating the most amazing 21st C learning environment for the Hingaia Peninsula community. I am very excited about the journey ahead as we develop these spaces as a community with our future students!

Latest site photos:

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