Sunday, 8 May 2011

Week 1 progress report

I officially started as principal for Hingaia Peninsula School on Monday 2 May. I have been fortunate to have been involved since I was appointed in November through establishment board meetings, visiting new schools, liaising with MoE and the architects etc. My aim is to maintain this blog for our growing community by posting a weekly progress report as well as photo updates, interesting links and thoughts on our learning vision. Your comments are welcomed either publicly on this blog or via email to
So, week 1 'officially on the job' consisted mostly of setting up the temporary office; furniture, phones, copiers etc and creating an online presence for the school. The links at the top of the page connect to our facebook, wiki and website pages - 4 ways to stay in touch with what is happening at Hingaia Peninsula. Our phone numbers are not verified as yet but will be posted as soon as we have them.
One of our most important roles at this stage is the shortlisting for our APs, who will hopefully start in August. We have had a very strong field of applicants. The establishment board are currently reviewing cv's and contacting referees and we are looking forward to meeting the candidates over the next couple of weeks.
Our architect has asked us to start thinking about colours and finishes for the inside of the learning studios so I have been researching the psychology of colour on learning which has been a real eye opener. The idea is to link the colour palette we use to the learning styles and needs of our children, more info on that in a later post.
Remember to follow, like or bookmark your preferred way of keeping up to date or contact us via email or in person at the office. We are looking forward to meeting our new community.

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