Sunday, 15 May 2011

Week 2 progress report

At the beginning of the week I met with our architecture team to discuss the cabinetry in the learning studios, administration block and library. Discussions around storage, space and function were ongoing throughout the week with items added to some rooms and taken from others. I spent some time visiting libraries and administration blocks in other schools to look at form and function, bringing ideas and photographs back to the architects to discuss what might work best for our school. 

While thinking about cabinetry and interior design we have looked into the size of fridge/freezers, discussed hand dryers and paper towels, changed sink locations and investigated water solutions so if you have seen me out shopping for whiteware you know why! 

While ongoing research into the use of colour and the impact on learning is informing choices we are making about the interior of the buildings it is also informing our initial thoughts about uniforms and logos. 

This week I have also made contact with various facilitators who will assist us with library set up and computer systems and will meet with them over the coming months.

Other progress this week: the frames are up on the learning studios, the phone line has been connected and we are now online at the office - yay!!


  1. I like the shopping part! Out of interest are you considering environmental design ideas, like grey water use, having visual power use panels in each area for students to monitor.

  2. Yes, our architects are working towards Green Star ratings so consideration is being made throughout the build. Quite a bit of time was spent last week investigating the environmental impact of paper towels vv hand driers and the quandary between environment and hygiene - is seems hand dryers have less environmental impact but paper towels are more hygienic!