Saturday, 4 June 2011

Week 5 progress report

This week we have been working towards finalising the data and power plans for the buildings. We have been liaising with audio visual consultants, people from the National Library, architects, ICT consultants and other teachers to look for the best solution for HPS. As with all things with a new build, there are compromises to be made in terms of dollar value, prioritising of equipment, design layout and the confines of the stage of build. Maintaining a focus on the adaptability of equipment and wiring, the part that plays in enhancing collaborative and creative learning, alongside the need to future proof as much as possible is helping us with some of the difficult decisions!
Early in the week I had a meeting with the National Library's future libraries team. We had some great discussions around what the future of libraries could be, the way our library will be used, the flexibility of space and content, and even what a 21st C library could/should be called. The concepts of learning commons or information centres is popular at the moment and we wondered if the name 'library' was still relevant? I left inspired by what we could achieve in this space and excited by the prospects for learning for our children!
Our cabinetry meetings are ongoing and we are getting towards the last few sketches for some of the inbuilt furniture. While at the architects on Friday we started to look at carpet and lino, further exploring some of the colour concepts with them. It is interesting to discuss the concepts of the studios, and how we as teachers see them being used for learning, with the architects and blend the pedagogy and the design further. After every discussion I have the design for learning becomes enhanced.
Our initial logo design process has started and we are talking with the designer over the concepts and colours we might use to visually represent our school.
We had a visit from Douglas Harre (Core Education) at our board meeting on Wednesday and he discussed the possible future of ICT in learning. He also introduced us to idea paint which is a paint that is also a whiteboard - what a concept! We would love to be able to use this in some way in our studios but will need to investigate costs, environmental constraints and space. I can see how this could enhance some of the spaces we have and really build that collaborative learning concept!
In between these meetings I have been looking at operational procedures to define our policies, further investigating the learning studio concepts, liaising with prospective parents and talking over road access to the school with MoE.
So, a busy week defining the build specs, all very exciting! Every decision is made with the concepts of adaptability, collaborative learning and creativity in mind and every design decision is further defining  those ideas for learning.
And our photocopier arrived - thanks Konica Minolta!

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  1. That paint looks totally awesome!!!! Sounds like you have been extremely busy this past week.