Friday, 10 June 2011

Week 6 progress report

I went down to the site on Tuesday afternoon to take some progress photos and the guys from NZ Strong and Brewer Davidson were there having a site meeting. This meant I got to go for a walk on site, with the fluro jacket and hard hat, and have a closer look at the studios, window placements etc. The studios are looking great, there is a real sense of space with the high roof line and the long low windows. The kids are going to love the window seats on each studio and being able to open the windows right up to take advantage of the sun!

During the week we have had meetings with MoE, NZ Strong, Brewer Davidson and eCubed regarding our Green Star application. This covers building, waste management, environment, learning resources etc and involves a cohesive approach from all parties. The application is comprehensive and the school will be working more closely with the team on this from now on as the educational components are required. 
Ongoing through the weeks are policy writing, talking with prospective parents, interior design investigations of colour, furniture, placement, discussions with ICT people, logo design concepts and thoughts about uniform. 
Latest photos of the winter sun on the framing:

Oh - and the recent rain means our field is looking great - we have grass!!

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