Saturday, 18 June 2011

Week 7 update

Week 7 was a big week design wise with a lot of time spent with the architects going over details such as wiring, wall coverings, colours, ratios etc. The issue of wall covering is not as simple as choosing colours and surfaces but is confined to ratios of vertiface to paint to windows and non parallel walls for sound proofing. I, like a lot of teachers, thought vertiface was for displaying student's work but apparently that is not the main reason we have it in our classrooms!
We are still working through some ideas for our logo and have a couple of options that we are playing around with. Trying to capture the essence of HPS in a graphic form is interesting. We are trying to create a logo that will mean something for the students of the school, tells a story of who we are and what we are achieving as well as having some links to the local area - a complex task!
Our home zone has been confirmed and we will be able to take enrollments on 1 July. We are currently putting together our enrollment packs so that we are ready for the rush. We have had a lot of phone calls and emails from parents living out of zone who want their children to attend HPS but unfortunately we are not taking out of zone enrollments at this stage. Our zone information is in the previous post and is also on the Hingaia Peninsula School wiki (link at the top of the blog) where the school zone has it's own page.
We are planning our next community meeting and hope to hold that in late August (date and place to be confirmed). At that meeting we will be exploring the learning studio concept in more detail, introducing our fabulous new Associate Principals, looking at ways the community can support the school and fundraising options, gathering thoughts on school uniform, after school care as well as getting to know more of our community members. The meeting will be advertised on the school website and wiki, through facebook and twitter and via newsletter drops in the local community. The meeting would also be interesting for prospective teachers to attend as it will give people an idea of who we are, what we are creating and how they might contribute. We will be appointing scale A teachers and leaders in early term 4 once our staffing and operations grant is confirmed.
Our site visit highlight this week was seeing the roofs going onto the studios. The spaces look amazing and having the roof on gives a real sense of perspective and a feel for space when you are inside. We also have the beginnings of the hall this week and the metal supports for the walls are in place.
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