Friday, 24 June 2011

Week 8 progress report

There has been a lot of rain this week and I should have worn my gumboots when I went to take the photos this morning but instead I tried (and failed) to avoid the mud puddles! The guys have made a lot of progress with one of the studios having the wrapping and roof on, the library and technology block framing well underway and the steel supports for the hall are up.
The builders were in the process of preparing the mould for the feature at the front of the school when I arrived and it was really interesting to see them put the polystyrene mould in place and frame it in readiness for the concrete to be poured.
Ongoing this week is development of our logo, investigations into cabling, devices and furniture, preparation of an interim prospectus and enrollment pack, further exploration of travel plans and thoughts on our developing curriculum.
The new learning for me this week has included the concept of soft phones and digital signage and environmental issues.
I had a fabulous meeting with a member of the Auckland Council Enviroschools team about how we can build environmental sustainability into our learning at HPS. My previous school was an Enviroschool, and despite my not having any green fingers, I am keen to implement this programme. The catalyst for this was the amount of thought and work that the design and build team have put into the green star application. It seems remiss to attain a great green star rating for the building and then not develop that further in the use of the land and the learning for our children. One of the criteria the establishment board had when appointing a principal was the ability to blend the rural and urban communities. One of the ways we can do this is to share the expertise and knowledge that some of our rural community will have around animals, farming, planting seasons and use of the land with our students. Thoughts of orchards and vege gardens and native birds and worm farms were discussed and we are looking forward to developing these ideas with our community.
The highlight of this week was meeting two of our prospective families! It was great to talk over our plans and ideas, answer their questions and explain our thinking with them. I am looking forward to enrolling some of our future pupils soon!
We aim to be a school that embraces the community so please call to make an appointment to come in and see what we are doing or to ask any questions. As there is only one staff member at the moment the office is not always open but I am happy to make a time to meet up.

Latest build photos:

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