Tuesday, 5 July 2011

School uniforms

Ok, this one is for all the kids out there …
If you could choose anything you liked for a school uniform - what would it be?
Please ask your children, be they your own kids or your class. We do genuinely want to know what it is that kids like and don't like about their school uniforms and what they would choose if they had free rein over their wardrobe.
We are looking forward to the feedback!


  1. My son is an ex-student of the school I teach at. He said he really liked the fact that kids could wear whatever bottom (skirt, shorts, track pants, etc) they wanted as long as they were clean, tidy and black - our school colours are maroon and black. He also said a school jacket or coat would be a good idea for wet weather as kids would wear it if it was uniform. Having the option of a cardigan as well as sweatshirt/jersey is something I always liked to have as a jersey or sweatshirt can be too hot at times and a cardi is a nice in between option.

  2. HI our names are Vatrina and PJ and we are students at Bailey Road School. We think that for your colours you should have grey and navy blue. We also think you should have a navy blue t-shirt with a grey thick strip going down the sides from under the armpits.

    For the shorts you could have cargo shorts with one grey strip going down the right side of the shorts to represent the school colours as every other school that has cargo shorts are all navy blue so to have the grey strip it will stand out and goes with the top.

    For a skirt you could have a normal school uniform skirt with again a grey strip going down the right side of the leg. This will be attractive so when the skirt moves around the grey strip will move around with the skirt itself.

    For the tomboys (girls that aren’t really into skirts) you could have a skort. A navy blue skort with two strips representing both genders at the school. The two strips could be thinner then the one strip but in the same length.

  3. Since I am a girl I created girl uniform. I reckon there should be a variety of uniforms. For the top I did a tank top with adjustable sleeves. That means you can take it off, or add it on. I would have optional skirts, one 3/4 and one full length. A cardigan for winter and a hat too! The scarf is a alternative for a tie. The colours used are Black, Orey & French Ultramarine Blue. I used them because they were used from your blog.
    Please see my blog for my drawings. http://goo.gl/4PNye
    By Shweta

  4. Thank you all for your feedback. It's great to hear what the children like and don't like!
    We will take all the ideas with us when we meet with the uniform company and try to take all the points into consideration.