Friday, 8 July 2011

Week 10 progress report

An exciting week this week in terms of building - building our community, building our teams and building our buildings!
We received our first official enrolment today which was just fabulous. We have a few more enrolment packs out there and are getting enquiries daily from people who want to enrol their children. Some are in zone and some are out of zone so we have had a few disappointed parents unfortunately. It is great to have families on board, voluteering to help out, being consulted on uniform choices etc. We are looking forward to meeting more of our foundation students over the next few months.
Our new Associate Principals were both in Auckland this week and met each other for the first time. They will both be starting on 1 August and are in the process of being farewelled from their current schools. It was good to meet together and get to know each other a little before they start officially next term. We are looking forward to working with Cole and Hayley and will be introducing them online next term and in person at the next community meeting - 31 August, 7pm at Strathallan.
Our building progress this week has seen studio 3 have the windows installed. Having the windows in makes the buildings look like they are almost ready to inhabit. The school is really taking shape and we can now envisage what it will look like and get a real sense of the huge spaces we will have.
This week we have also finalised the AV and data plans, worked on colours (again!), explored furniture in space using the architects plans and furniture designs, and begun our uniform design process.

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