Saturday, 16 July 2011

Week 11 progress report

This is the end of term two for most schools and the end of my first term at Hingaia Peninsula School. It has been a term full of learning, decision making, design, planning, discussion and research.
This week I have been investigating the creative commons copyright licences which we will look at using when we create and use learning resources, as well as developing the knowledge and capability of our learners to create and use creative works in the digital environment that comply with the creative commons licences.
On Wednesday we had our site visit and our architects brought the colour boards to the establishment board meeting. The samples of colour, paint, vertiface, linoleum, vinyl, stains, tiles and fabrics look fabulous together. There has been a lot of time and thought put into the best materials for the school and the way that the colours work together. As a green star school there are parameters which have to be worked within and only certain materials have been approved to be used within a green star building.
At the site visit it was great to see the progress being made on site with the windows in on studio 3. I have always loved the concept of the window seats in the studios and it was great to see them in place. The kids are going to love sitting there in the sun, looking out over the courtyard or the field, chatting or reading …
We have made more progress on the uniform this week. Thank you to all the students who made contact and gave us some feedback. We also asked the children of the board and the staff and brought all the elements together. The overarching theme was that the uniform should provide a choice of what to wear so that students have some sense of individuality. We know that parents want a school uniform that is high quality at a reasonable cost and that is easy to look after. With that in mind we are looking at a uniform with a choice of elements; skirts, shorts, trousers, cargo pants that can be worn according to student preference. We are using some of the colours we have used in draft school logos and trying to make our uniform different to local schools with established uniforms and school colours. We are also looking at sports uniforms which will save the school uniform from coming home covered in mud during the wet months! As parents we know that uniform costs come at an expensive time of the year so we are hoping to have samples and costs available in term 4 so that parents can buy the new uniform ahead of the Christmas season if they wish to.
We also had our first visit from the Education Review Office who will complete an audit check on the school in early term 4 to ensure the Ministry of Education that we are ready to open in February. It was lovely to meet the team and to have an informal chat about what we have been doing and our journey so far.
Our latest site photos show the progress on the buildings and the site. We now have the beginnings of the car park at the front of the site and with the cladding and windows in situ we get a real sense of space and light in the studios, even in the middle of a winter rain storm!


  1. Wow, it's amazing watching the school being built via your blog. It has come such a long way since the concrete slab! Thrilled to hear you are investigating creative commons licensing, what an awesome way to set up a culture of collaboration and sharing from the outset. I look forward to the next exciting installment!

  2. Thanks Tara, always good to get feedback from our readers!