Saturday, 23 July 2011

Week 12 progress report

This is either week 1 of the winter break or week 12 of the progress on Hingaia Peninsula School depending on how you view things.
We have been busy this week with more design work. On Monday we went to visit furniture showrooms and warehouses to have a look at some of the pieces we may use in the administration block and library. We are looking at both the shape and form of the furniture as well as the function of the pieces. Differing types of seating and tables will be used in different rooms to suit different functions, much the same as in the learning studios. We followed this with a trip to the architects to look at colours (again) and trial different colours in a variety of places through the use of the 3D models. We were able to discuss the reception desk designed for us, make some changes to doors and review laminate choices. Next we went to visit the uniform factory to look at sports shirts, different tops for the students and colours. The uniform will need to be decided on by the middle of August so that we can get stock prior to the end of the year for our new enrollments so we are anxious to have samples to review at our next board meeting.
The remainder of the week I was at the First Time Principals residential conference where we heard from a variety of speakers on assessment, leadership and vision. It was a good chance to meet up with FTPs from around the country and to reflect on the vision of our school. Every decision we are making on design, build, uniform, logo etc is informed by the vision to create a collaborative, creative environment for our 21st Century learners. Colours, symbols, furniture and spaces will all impact on the way that our students are able to access and engage in their learning, and every decision is made with the students and their learning at the forefront.

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