Friday, 29 July 2011

Week 13 progress report

Buildings progressed this week with the corrugated iron roof going onto some of the studios. The roof lines rise and fall along the perimeter of the building which provides an interesting architectural detail as well as providing a variety of light into the studios and adjoining areas.
We have continued this week to look at colours, furniture and fabric choices. Each time we visit furniture suppliers we come away with different ideas about what kinds of furniture we can provide for our students to give them optimal choice over their comfort while learning. Other design concepts which are ongoing are the uniform and the logo and we hope to have these finalised soon.
We have also made some enquiries into possible education outside the classroom options for our students, specifically looking at the option of school camps for future years. Camps are booked well in advance and most schools have an annual booking so timing and location of camp options may be limited but we are considering how, where and when we can provide this important learning experience for students at Hingaia Peninsula School.
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