Friday, 1 July 2011

Week 9 progress report

I can't believe it is week 9 already!
This week I have spent a lot of time with the architects finalising the finishes and data plans, and refining the colour scheme and cabinetry. The amount of detailed work that goes into the plans and drawings is amazing, it's been a really interesting experience to watch the process and to see the 3D drawings of our studios being developed. Our colour scheme is looking great, reflective of the peninsula with blues, greens and neutral tones. This colour scheme will also be incorporated into the school logo, uniform and furniture.
This photograph is one of a series taken by one of our board members and forms part of the inspiration for the colour choices - the colours of the peninsula are beautifully muted and calming as you can see:

I also attended a couple of days of the inaugural Nethui which was a blend of business, government, not-for-profit and education sectors coming together to discuss the potential benefits of the internet. I attended the education stream on Thursday which was run by Core Education and heard some interesting views, anecdotes and ideas which will help us to shape the use of the internet at HPS. It was great to network with other passionate educators from all sectors and share our learning.

Our enrolment scheme became official today and we now have enrolment packs ready for our future students. We have had one prospective parent in today to pick up their pack and we are looking forward to meeting more of you over the coming weeks.

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