Saturday, 20 August 2011

Week 16 progress report

Our teaching positions for 2012 went live on the Education Gazette site on Monday! We are looking for 5 scale A teachers, one e-Learning leader and one Future Focus leader to work in our collaborative studios. We have had 91 expressions of interest so far and are looking forward to the information evening on Wednesday 7 September at the National Library (4pm - 6pm) when we will get to meet some of the people interested in joining us, as well as share some of our journey with you.
Our PA position closed on Friday at 4pm and we will be shortlisting on Monday. We have had a wide variety of people and experiences apply and look forward to interviewing and finding out more about the applicants.
On site this week there has been great progress with gib on all the studios and the most of the roof on. NZ Strong expect the final pieces of roofing to be on next week which will be a big milestone! Our e-BoT were very impressed with the progress at the site visit on Wednesday. The cladding on the outside is looking great and we can see the beginnings of the colours on the roof beams. The data and electrical wiring is well underway and our floor boxes are being chased. Seeing the number of wires and outlets shows the amount of thought and detail that has gone into the data plan from the architects, engineers and builders so that we can provide seemless e-Learning for our students.
The e-BoT have finalised the concept designs for the logo and we are just tweaking the layout and colours for the final versions which we hope to have next week. Spending some time this week looking at all the business cards we have accumulated in the past 15 weeks was an interesting exercise. We looked at what we liked, didn't like, what we needed to know, what we thought was excessive information and determined what was important to us to have portray on our cards has helped us. No doubt in 10 years someone will go through the same process to update and modernise what we have designed! The concept and layout we have now is a starting point for what we hope will evolve to be an important way of being for the HPS community, but as learning is an ever evolving journey, the concept and story will continue to evolve over time.
On Tuesday we spent the day with Douglas Harre investigating our IT infrastructure and next steps. We have the data plan, wiring is well underway and we know what devices we want to use and how we envisage them being used. Our next step is to engage an IT network service provider and we will be developing a tender document over the next week or so.
Our community meeting on 31 August at Strathallan Library (7pm - 8pm) has been a focus this week. We aim to provide a balance of information, visual displays and small group discussions on a range of topics we know are of interest to our community. There will be information on the learning studios, our vision, transport, our sustainability focus, furniture concepts, uniform, zoning etc. We look forward to meeting more members of our community at the meeting. Children are most welcome to attend as we value their thoughts on their new school.

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