Sunday, 25 September 2011

Week 21 progress report

Days to opening: 128
Students enrolled: 7

We have begun the shortlisting from our first group of applicants and have been impressed with the applications we have received. Our potential future teachers have shown a deep understanding of the particular pedagogies that our learning environment will require and how they can help us to achieve the vision we have for HPS. We are looking forward to the next stages of the process as we learn more about the applicants and find the seven people who are going to help us to take the vision and buildings to the next level as we create an innovative learning space with our community. We are aiming to have completed our recruitment by the beginning of term 4 so that we can involve our new teachers in some of the planning and decisions as we count down to opening day.
Our investigations into furniture and resources are progressing with quotes being submitted, visits from reps to showcase their resources and lots and lots of discussion happening. We are aiming to be strategic about what we buy in terms of furniture and resources as we know that having the thoughts and opinions of our students and teachers is going to be imperative.
As our logo is now finalised we are in the process of getting business cards and letter head organised as well as having the embroidery for our uniforms sampled. As soon as this is 'signed off' we can start to pre order uniform components. We are hoping to be able to have prices and samples in early in term 4 so that parents can order well before Christmas to ensure their child has a new uniform for their first day at their new school. More information on this as we have it.
You will have seen that we have some plants being put in at the front of the school and some of the flowering cherries have blossom on them so the front of the school will look very pretty soon with the driveway and planting complete. Work is ongoing on the inside of the buildings with gib and ceiling tiles going in.
Please remember to come in and see us or send an email if you want an enrolment pack or any other information and thank you to the parents who responded to the assembly question - it's always great to get your feedback!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

And we have trees

It was lovely to arrive at the site today and see the planting had begun - flowering cherries around the driveway and other plants waiting to be placed.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Week 20 progress report

136 days to opening!

We know that parents and children want to see what the school looks like and while photos are good - video is better! Here is a short clip taken from outside the library and showing a 360ยบ of the courtyard giving a sense of scale - the courtyard will be paved and will have planters and seating, not the mud you see here!

Next week we will take a video of the learning studios so that you can see the size of the spaces and get an idea of the layout.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Funky Schools

An interesting video from Australia on agile learning spaces:

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Week 19 progress report

We have had some interesting feedback from our community meeting last week with parents commenting on the direction the school is going, the sustainability aspect of the curriculum, our uniform and the learning studio concept. For those of you who couldn't make the meeting the presentation made to parents last week is here:

A pdf of the questions raised by the community and the answers has been emailed to attendees and is on our wiki for others to see.

This week we held our teacher information evening at the National Library. It was great to see so many interested teachers and to hear their feedback and questions. Applications for our seven positions close on Friday 16 at 4pm. We have had a lot of interest in teaching at HPS next year but it's not too late to ask for an application pack, check out the link on the Education Gazette. For teachers who are interested but couldn't make it along to the meeting on Wednesday, please email us at if you would like to see the presentation.

With the roof being completed last week the progress on site this week has been on windows, painting and ceilings. The photos show the ceiling tiles being placed, the vibrant colours going on the panels outside the studios and the grass growing well on the field!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Teacher Information Evening

For all teachers interested in a postion at Hingaia Peninsula School for next year, we will be holding an information evening at the National Library in Parnell tomorrow night - Wednesday 7 September from 4pm-6pm. If you want to know what HPS is all about come along to meet, listen, watch, ask, query and contribute.
We are looking forward to meeting you all!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Week 18 progress report

A very successful week this week!
Our roof was completed on Friday and the builders invited us down to see the last few sheets going on, check out the photos below to see the team in action. So our building is fully roofed and the gib is on quite a few of the learning studios. The framing for the ceiling tiles has been fitted and the beams painted - all looking great!
We made changes to our personnel this week with the interviews for a PA/Secretary taking place early in the week. We have made an appointment and look forward to welcoming our new staff member soon. Once all the details are confirmed we will introduce her to you all.
A highlight of the week was the community meeting held at Strathallan Library on Wednesday evening. We had a good turn out of interested parents - some with children already enrolled and some with children they are thinking of enrolling. We shared our philosophy behind the learning studio concept and demonstrated some of the furniture we are looking at. Our discussions on sustainability, vision and transport issues raised some questions which we have collated and shared with parents. Thank you to the parents who attended the meeting and to those who have emailed thoughts or questions or have popped in to see us this week. It is great to be able to share our ideas and hear your feedback. Our thanks again to Strathallan for kindly lending us their library to host our meeting.
Latest building photos here: