Sunday, 30 October 2011

Week 26 update

Days to opening: 93

Enrolments to date: 8

Building: on schedule for opening 1 Feb 2012

This week we celebrated with the building team at the roof shout on Thursday.
The roof shout is a celebration of the building being watertight and a thank you to all the building team for their hard work so far. The buildings are looking really good, we are starting to see the courtyards being laid, the cabinetry being installed and the rooms are changing from being the building shell to looking like they will be ready to use very soon.
We have been extremely lucky with the team we are working with; Ministry, Brewer Davidson Architects, NZ Strong and our establishment board are all working towards making our vision a reality and we appreciate their hard work, patience, attention to detail and friendliness as we continue on our journey.

Friday, 21 October 2011

A week of learning

This week the leadership team have been at the Core Ulearn conference in Rotorua. It has been a HUGE week of learning, affirmation, talking, thinking and exploring. We have met up with old colleagues, met new ones, listened to some amazing presenters and talked about our fabulous new school.
A highlight for us was meeting Prof Stephen Heppell. He is one of the educators who have inspired us in our journey and it was great to meet him face to face and to share our story. He was delighted to hear about our school and is hoping to come and visit on his next trip to NZ. We are going to chat further with him via Skype and liaise with other schools around the world who are working with agile spaces and pedagogy. What an amazing opportunity for us!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Week 24 progress report - UNIFORMS

This week we have investigated a great new website which we are hoping to pilot for our uniform ordering systems next term. The programme is being used for business and in one established school and we are lucky to have been involved early with the developers to have the system tailored to meet the needs of our school.
Our uniform is in the final design stages, just a few tweaks re the embroidery size and placement and then we will have a size fit range at school for students to try on.
The plan is to have the size fit range at school and the ordering online with internet banking. Once the orders are received at school Nadine will process the order and let you know when the uniform is ready to be picked up. You will appreciate that we do not have space at the temporary offices to store a lot of stock so our suppliers are kindly storing it for us.
The rationale for the uniform was that it be comfortable, robust, provide choice to students and wear well. We asked children and parents what they wanted in a uniform and have been liaising with our supplier for some months to provide a "wardrobe" that children can choose from.
The uniform consists of a choice of:

  • Girls Cargo Skirt (with shorts attached)
  • Girls Bootleg Pants
  • Boys Cargo Shorts
  • Boys Cargo Pants
  • Light Blue T-Shirt
  • Denim Blue T-Shirt
  • Black Polar Fleece
  • Black Bucket Hat
  • PE Shirt 
  • PE Short 

We do not have the final costings as yet as this is dependent to some degree on the embroidery but will have these soon. We have endeavored to keep costs minimal without compromising on quality and the fact that we are selling direct without involving a third party means that the cost to parents is reduced.

Our PE uniform is optional at this stage and we will take "expressions of interest". We anticipate that as the school grows we will ask our children to have a sports uniform but this is not a priority for parents at the moment. We will have a sports uniforms we use for our sports teams at school so there will be no requirement for parents to purchase a sports uniform if your child is in one of our teams.

Nadine (our fabulous school secretary) will be full time next term and the school office will be open at the following times:

Monday/Tuesday    8am to 4pm
Wednesday             10am to 6pm (alternate)
Thursday/Friday      8am to 4pm

This gives parents an opportunity to pop in before or after school or on a Wednesday evening to try on uniforms and organise enrolments.

Our establishment board meetings are on a Wednesday afternoon so the late night dates to pop in for uniforms next term are:

Wednesday 2 November
Wednesday 16 November
Wednesday 30 November
Wednesday 14 December

This will also give children a chance to meet us and have a look at the plans and photos of their new school, ask any questions and let us know what they would like to see at their new school.

In building news this week; the huge ply wall in the hall has been installed and the cobbling of the courtyards is underway:

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Week 23 progress report

Days to opening: 116

Enrolments to date: 8

Building: on schedule for opening 1 Feb 2012

We have been busy interviewing this week and are pleased to have appointed some amazing teachers to join us on the team at HPS. Once we have confirmation of appointments we will introduce them to you.

We have signed off on our uniform design and should have samples here early next term for students to come in and try on so that parents can order them in time to start in February. We will let you know when those are available for trying on.

Next term we will have our lovely school secretary here full time. Nadine will be in the office Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm so parents can bring children in before or after school to try on uniforms. If you know that your children are coming to HPS next year please come in and get an enrolment form, the earlier we know you are coming the better! We will also have some evenings during term 4 where we are open later for parents who can't make it before 4pm (dates to be advised).

We are continuing to investigate resources and have met with a number of reps from various educational resource companies. Our philosophy is that every piece of equipment has to fit with the vision of the school and the way in which our studios will work. We are meeting with experts in a number of areas to ensure that our processes, resources and plans meet the needs of our students within that framework. This week we have been focussing on literacy and assessment, making sure the pedagogy is right before we make any purchases.

Building progress this week includes the installation of more windows, finalisation of the data adaptations, ply installed in the hall, footpaths being laid and switch cupboards installed.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Week 22 progress report

Days to opening: 121
Number of enrolments: 8

A week of budgets, applications, professional learning and building decisions!
There have been lots of discussions with the building team this week as we finalise AV components, finishes, cabinetry designs etc. The site is looking great with gib installed, painting beginning, internal doors being installed and windows almost complete.
The senior leadership team have been working with Evaluation Associates developing robust assessment procedures and timelines. This has enabled us to make informed decisions about our resources as we meet with reps from various educational companies.
Our appointments process is underway and we have completed some of the shortlisting. We are hoping to have our staff appointed by the beginning of term 4, allowing us time to liaise with them through the remainder of the year.
Our uniform is almost complete and we hope to have samples and prices very soon. Once we have these at the office we will be able to take orders. Remember to come in and see us or email for an enrolment pack if you live in zone and have children you wish to attend HPS next year.