Sunday, 30 October 2011

Week 26 update

Days to opening: 93

Enrolments to date: 8

Building: on schedule for opening 1 Feb 2012

This week we celebrated with the building team at the roof shout on Thursday.
The roof shout is a celebration of the building being watertight and a thank you to all the building team for their hard work so far. The buildings are looking really good, we are starting to see the courtyards being laid, the cabinetry being installed and the rooms are changing from being the building shell to looking like they will be ready to use very soon.
We have been extremely lucky with the team we are working with; Ministry, Brewer Davidson Architects, NZ Strong and our establishment board are all working towards making our vision a reality and we appreciate their hard work, patience, attention to detail and friendliness as we continue on our journey.

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  1. WOW they are certainly coming to life now. I can't wait to see them in person.