Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Our school uniforms are now available in the office! It has been a long journey of selecting, designing, colour matching, samples, logos and costing but we are now ready for orders.

Our uniforms are made by Argyle who manufacture many of the school uniforms around the country. They specialize in school uniforms and have designed a skirt and fleece especially for us, as well as assisting with the combining of other elements.

Our uniform is more of a wardrobe. We have a selection of components which can be worn in various combinations, allowing children to choose the colour and style that suits them. We have a fleece jacket, a t-shirt in two different colours of blue, a sports shirt (which is optional at this stage), a skirt or bootleg pants for girls and shorts or cargo pants for boys. A hat is compulsory in term 1 and term 4 as we are aiming to be a sun smart school.

We have chosen to stock the items at school as the nearest retail store that could supply these uniforms was Remuera or Howick, which we believed was too far away for parents to go. This has allowed us to keep the prices low but does mean that we cannot hold unlimited stock. We are relying on parents to pre-order items to ensure that they are here for the beginning of the school year. Argyle have estimated that orders placed with them would take 2 to 3 weeks to be made, embroidered and delivered to school.

Please come into the office to place your order before Friday 25 November to ensure that your child will be able to start the new year in their new school wearing their new uniform. We will, of course, allow students waiting for uniforms to attend school in the interim – we don’t want to stop them learning for lack of the right shorts!

Our office is open at the following times to allow families plenty of opportunity over the next 3 weeks to come in, try on the samples and place their order:                                    

Monday to Friday                              8am to 6pm                                                                                Saturday and Sunday                    10am to 2pm

The photos of the uniform components are not great quality sorry, but you will get the idea from the photos of our two young models! Bring your children in and see how great it looks on them!


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