Saturday, 5 November 2011

Week 27 update

Enrolments: 8

Days to opening: 87

Buildings: on schedule to open 1 Feb 2012

Some updates:
  • School uniforms are expected next week so check out facebook and twitter for updates (click the links to join at the top of the page)
  • 2012 Term Dates are loaded on the wiki here 
Our building update this week is HUGE. There has been so much progress onsite over the past couple of weeks - the school is looking amazing.
Our outdoor environment is really starting to take shape now! A lot of the painting has been started and the colours are looking good. The colour palette from the interiors is followed through in the exterior painting providing a visual link between the indoor and outdoor environments.  
At the front of the school the acoustic panels have been started, while in the courtyard the decks and garden are taking shape. The outdoor sitting areas are being formed with decking and retaining posts/walls being built as well as our outdoor stage area which will provide a lot of fun for our students as they perform for their friends. Throughout the school the courtyard areas have been paved with differing pavers providing our students with differing visual patterns and textures between the asphalt, exposed aggregate, smooth concrete and paving stones. 
Our library has seen a lot of development over the past couple of weeks with bulkheads, window seats and the courtyard being developed. The library courtyard is going to prove to be a popular place to sit and read in the sun, the posts on each side will provide a visual through to the gardens while sitting against the wall in the warmth. You may find some of the teachers in there after school enjoying some quiet time while they catch up on some professional reading!
On Thursday we welcomed the ERO team to Hingaia Peninsula School. It was a pleasure to show them around the site and to discuss our educational vision and philosophy with them. The ERO team will complete a 'pre-opening' report for the MoE which will attest to our readiness to open in 2012. This report is not published in the traditional way that school reviews are published as it is commissioned for the MoE. We will have ERO back in July 2013 for a follow up and will begin our conventional review cycle in 2014.

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