Saturday, 28 January 2012

Week 39: The last post (before we open)

Enrolments to date: 48

Days to opening: 3

Building on schedule to open 1 February 2012

The staff have been on site all week working together on developing the learning systems, resources and shared pedagogies for our children arriving next week.
It has been great to see our families coming in over the week to pick up uniforms and have a look at the studios with the furniture, some resources and the teachers in place.

A big thanks to our community for all of their help over the past few weeks as we have been busy unpacking and sorting. We are also hugely grateful to the families of our teachers who have given up a lot of time over the past few weeks; partners, parents and children have all been very supportive and we truly appreciate that support.

Just a few last minute jobs for the team to do over the weekend now and our 39 weeks of preparation will be over and the real fun begin when we have our children on site and learning!

See you on Wednesday!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Our furniture arrives!

Enrolments to date: 45

Days to opening: 10

Building on schedule to open 1 February 2012

Some of our furniture arrived today and we had a great turnout of staff, families and friends come in at 7.30am on Saturday morning to make sure the furniture was all delivered, unpacked and arranged in the studios ready for our children arriving in 10 days!

Staff have been busy this week organising resources, developing learning environments and discussing pedagogy and procedures. We are SO excited about the year ahead!!

Check out some photos of the learning studios complete with furniture (please note the chairs are coming in another shipment!)

The first truck arrives

Waiting to be checked and delivered

Staff, friends and family moving the furniture in

Wondering how to arrange everything

Checking the fit 

The girls LOVE this room

This looks comfy!

And we can move it like this!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Crossing on Hingaia Road

The men have been busy this week installing our controlled pedestrian crossing on Hingaia Road. This will ensure that our children can safely cross over this busy road. The crossing is located just west of the school gate and will have road patrollers and teachers monitoring the crossing before and after school (times tbc)

Reading Books

This week we have unpacked, sorted, labelled, boxed and named all of these reading books. It has been a HUGE job but our teachers will have an amazing book room filled with fantastic readers for our children. Thank you to Hayley for organising the system and all our helpers who have been busy labelling and sorting all week.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


We are taking deliveries every day this week, checking orders and labelling, boxing and storing resources. It is a HUGE job - over 3000 books to be labelled today and the PE equipment to be unpacked and labelled!

We'd love some help from our community so if you have half an hour to spare pop in and see us, we will be very grateful =)

Kids are welcome too! Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The finished studios

Just one or two photos of the finished product before we bring in the resources, furniture and people!
The description of each photo is below:

courtyard looking from the hall towards studio 1

the centre stage!

our library 'spark bar'

bag stores outside each studio - the coloured boxes serve as part of our recycling solution

the senior leaders office looking on to the library

the other end of the bench in the senior leaders office

the meeting room adjacent to the senior leaders office

our reception desk

the board room

the corridor to the sick bay and accessible toilet

looking through the reception office towards the front desk

Nadine's office - check out all the cupboards!

and even more cupboards!

our photocopy room - the purple pipes are for 'grey water', part of our environmental awareness

the accessible toilet and shower

lockers for staff who wish to cycle to school and shower on arrival

sick bay beds

our treatment room - or 'triage'

our board room 

staff toilets with airblades - another environmental choice

staff lounge

staff lounge - looking towards the huge whiteboard

staff lounge looking out onto the internal courtyard

staff cubbies - believe it or not we will eventually need all of these!

looking across the courtyard to the hall

looking towards studio 3

looking towards studio 2

staff and visitors chatting outside reception

looking towards the library

inside the library

our library courtyard - lucky kids being able to sit out here with a book

'spark bar'

teacher resource area

work space and cupboards in the teacher resource area

our amazing hall floor - 5 layers of material!

badminton and volley ball markings on the hall floor

looking towards the kitchen

sick bay beds about to be made up

senior leaders moving in - so much for the mantra of the tidy office space!

bins, baskets and trolleys for moving

our child friendly reception desk

some resources and archives being stored in the executive office

coffee time!

just one or two boxes being unpacked! (maths resources)

our art supplies have been kindly unpacked and put away

studio with the three rooms identified by colour

the performance room with THAT green wall!

red room for individual, introspective learning

orange room for interpersonal, collaborative learning

green room for hands-on, experiential learning

fabulous window seats - inside and out