Saturday, 21 January 2012

Our furniture arrives!

Enrolments to date: 45

Days to opening: 10

Building on schedule to open 1 February 2012

Some of our furniture arrived today and we had a great turnout of staff, families and friends come in at 7.30am on Saturday morning to make sure the furniture was all delivered, unpacked and arranged in the studios ready for our children arriving in 10 days!

Staff have been busy this week organising resources, developing learning environments and discussing pedagogy and procedures. We are SO excited about the year ahead!!

Check out some photos of the learning studios complete with furniture (please note the chairs are coming in another shipment!)

The first truck arrives

Waiting to be checked and delivered

Staff, friends and family moving the furniture in

Wondering how to arrange everything

Checking the fit 

The girls LOVE this room

This looks comfy!

And we can move it like this!


  1. Your furniture looks STUNNING! What exciting learning spaces you will have! Very exciting times ahead!

    1. Thank you Anne, we are looking forward to getting the rest of the furniture in and having some children in our learning spaces - only 11 more sleeps!!

  2. As I read through this post, I kept thinking one word "STUNNING" but I see someone ;-) has already commented on that... Can I just say I was also taken aback by your statement re the "great turn out of staff, families and friends"... What an amazing community you are building... just magic! :D

  3. It was amazing that all our teachers turned out bringing their families and friends with them - we have been SO lucky with the support from all of these people as we build our school community - not just in coming to help over the past few months but in the support they are giving our teachers in terms of time and space to be in at school. We are so appreciative of their support!

  4. It's amazing to have your blog and above pictures are so cute. It's all about the matter of wow! Thanks for sharing this and God bless you.

    Jennifer@ white furniture