Saturday, 28 January 2012

Week 39: The last post (before we open)

Enrolments to date: 48

Days to opening: 3

Building on schedule to open 1 February 2012

The staff have been on site all week working together on developing the learning systems, resources and shared pedagogies for our children arriving next week.
It has been great to see our families coming in over the week to pick up uniforms and have a look at the studios with the furniture, some resources and the teachers in place.

A big thanks to our community for all of their help over the past few weeks as we have been busy unpacking and sorting. We are also hugely grateful to the families of our teachers who have given up a lot of time over the past few weeks; partners, parents and children have all been very supportive and we truly appreciate that support.

Just a few last minute jobs for the team to do over the weekend now and our 39 weeks of preparation will be over and the real fun begin when we have our children on site and learning!

See you on Wednesday!!

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  1. Your learning spaces are looking so welcoming and exciting. We are looking forward to seeing you establish your learning community and seeing what you get up to!