Saturday, 24 March 2012

2012 Term 1 Week 8 - swimming

We had a wet start to our swimming week at Massey Park - Monday was cold and wet but the kids and the teachers braved the weather to get into the water and complete the water assessments so that we could group the students according to their swimming ability. The parents and teachers on the poolside were just about as wet as the kids in the pool! When we got back to school Nadine had a hot milo for the students ready and a whole school game of 'duck, duck, goose' warmed us up while our parents and teachers had coffee to thaw them out.
Thursday and Friday were beautiful days for swimming and the students, teachers and parents all enjoyed our mornings at the pool. It was amazing to see the progress in swimmers even after two one hour sessions;

the student who was scared to get into the pool on Monday happily submerging to pick up toys from the bottom of the pool on Friday

the students who wouldn't let go of the side of the pool on Monday swimming to their teacher 5 metres away on Friday

the students who couldn't dive on Monday diving from the diving blocks after some peer tutoring from the older students on Friday

the students who couldn't float or tread water on Monday happily 'starfish' lying on the water on Friday

the students who struggled to change themselves and manage their belongings on Monday being self sufficient on Friday!

A huge thank you to our parents who transported children to and from the pool and assisted teachers poolside with instructions, assessment sheets and being an extra pair of eyes.

Thank you also to our teachers who got into the water with their students to give them the best possible instruction - we certainly saw the benefit of that in the progress made this week.

Cole is currently liaising with Massey Park for some times for next term and we hope to continue with swimming as one of our core PE developments. We are also looking into hiring a pool to teach Flippa Ball and if we have any parents with waterpolo experience we would appreciate your expertise with either some staff development or information we can share.

Some photos of our times at Massey Park:

Saturday, 17 March 2012

2012 Term 1 Week 7 - community feedback

This week we had our first community meeting since we opened in February.

The purpose of this meeting was to share the school logo, motto and vision and to gain a shared understanding of the values of the New Zealand Curriculum with our community. We had a good turn out of parent and children and spent some time discussing what we believed the values meant to us as a community.

The next steps for us as a school are to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of the community and that the values we espouse are evident in our day to day practices. We will revisit this once we have a parent elected board.

These are the 'wordles' created from the feedback:

Innovation, Inquiry and Curiosity 
Community and Participation


Environmental Sustainability



Saturday, 10 March 2012

2012 Term 1 Week 6 - educators visit

It was our pleasure to welcome our friends, families and fellow educators on Wednesday evening as we held an open evening for them. This was a chance for our friends and colleagues to come and have a look round the studios, chat to the teachers and ask questions about the design and pedagogy.

We expected to have a few people through but were blown away by the interest - we had 81 visitors over the 2 hours so were kept busy with tours and conversations.

The general feedback was very positive and some of the questions raised by our colleagues about the pedagogy at HPS have helped us to clarify and consolidate our thinking - thank you for challenging us!

Thank you to those who have visited this week, to our team for staying late (again!) and to our establishment board members who came along to support us on the night.

We hope to have another open evening next term so will keep you posted.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

2012 Term 1 Week 5 - Purple Cake Day

This week we held our first school wide fundraiser.

Our school took part in the global Purple Cake Day and raised $194 - which is an amazing effort from 48 students!

Children and staff came dressed in purple and donated a gold coin  towards the mufti day. Our students also researched, planned and created smoothies, cakes and goodies to sell to their friends on the day.
The purpose of Purple Cake Day is to raise awareness of global issues in education and this year our focus was on Nepal. Our students researched the types of lifestyle and education in Nepal and compared and contrasted that with their lives and education in New Zealand. Some examples of their research can be seen in the studios and in the latest newsletter. Studio 3 also wrote, recorded and submitted a song for Purple Cake Day!

We held our first parent information evening this week and it was fabulous to see so many of our parents come along to visit the studios with their children. We hope you found the information useful and welcome any further questions, ideas or comments you may have.

Some Purple Cake Day photos: