Saturday, 10 March 2012

2012 Term 1 Week 6 - educators visit

It was our pleasure to welcome our friends, families and fellow educators on Wednesday evening as we held an open evening for them. This was a chance for our friends and colleagues to come and have a look round the studios, chat to the teachers and ask questions about the design and pedagogy.

We expected to have a few people through but were blown away by the interest - we had 81 visitors over the 2 hours so were kept busy with tours and conversations.

The general feedback was very positive and some of the questions raised by our colleagues about the pedagogy at HPS have helped us to clarify and consolidate our thinking - thank you for challenging us!

Thank you to those who have visited this week, to our team for staying late (again!) and to our establishment board members who came along to support us on the night.

We hope to have another open evening next term so will keep you posted.

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  1. Thank you for the invite to visit the school on Thursday evening. Both Oli and I enjoyed our tour! Today I was invited by studio 2 to become apart of their learning and had the most wonderful time and cannot wait to be apart of the team again on Monday. We shall have an awesome day Studio 2 and I am excited to be apart of your learning!