Sunday, 29 April 2012

2012 Term 2 Week 1 - Reflections and Congratulations

Our first week back this term has been full of congratulations!
We have won our first national competition and have our first engagement:

Congratulations to our Studio 3 Music Mayhem group who have won the More FM National Song Competition for Purple Cake Day in the primary category.
What a great start to our school, winning a national competition! 
We are very, very, very proud of you all!!
Well done to our Music Mayhem team and Donna!!

Congratulations also to Hayley and Ryan who got engaged while in Rarotonga during the term break. Ryan proposed to Hayley with a diamond so she could choose the ring herself (a very clever idea was the consensus from the ladies on the staff!!). Hayley will have her ring in a couple of weeks and they plan to get married early next year.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

2012 Term 1 Week 10 - term reviews

At the end of term we asked the students for their reflections on their first term and their learning at HPS. Here is one reflection that captures the feelings of many of us:

Calem’s Term Reflection Poem  

Weeks,weeks,weeks fly by,

The term goes past like a meteor flying through space,

The past is history but the future is a mystery,

There have been GREAT DAYS and VERY GREAT DAYS.  

It was the best term I’ve ever had 
in my lifetime

We have picked up new people on the journey and made new friends!

That’s just how we Hingaia Peninsula School!...TIKARANGA!!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

2012 Term 1 Week 9 - all about books!

This week we officially opened our library after a l-o-n-g wait for all the books to arrive, be sorted, checked and shelved.

We had hoped our books would arrive early in the term but alas they have arrived in dribs and drabs, a few here and a few there and we still have some on back order! Despite the best efforts of Hayley to have this all organised and ready for the beginning of the year the "book order chain" works slowly.

Once the books arrived with us, however, it was a different story with the hard work of Nadine, Averil and Hayley getting the books sorted and shelved as quickly as possible. This resulted in being able to allow our students to scan out their own books this week.

Averil has volunteered to look after our library three days a week and has been a HUGE help in getting the library set up and running. She has changed the layout to better meet the needs of our students, gathered resources, made sure the computer system is up and running and trained the students to use the scanner and put the books back the right way! We couldn't have opened our library without Averil, she has been a fabulous help and we are very grateful for her time, energy, ideas and enthusiasm!

We have spent a significant amount of money on library books yet our library looks a little sparse! We are hoping to have a Book Fair later in the year where people can purchase books for our library (and have a 'donated by' acknowledgement on them).

This week marked the end of New Zealand Book Month and we celebrated both the opening of our library and the end of Book Month with a Book Character Parade. All of our students and staff took part and dressed up for the day, with many bringing their book along with them to share with others.

During our "Meeting of the Minds" on Friday, our students discussed how they could use the library and suggested that it would be a great place to play board games on a rainy day. Our students have suggested that they bring in board games from home that they have finished with and they can stay in the library for others to play with. What a great idea! Anyone with board games or puzzles they are not using can send them to school and we will keep them in the library to amuse our children on a rainy day.

Here are some photos from our Book Parade: