Wednesday, 11 April 2012

2012 Term 1 Week 10 - term reviews

At the end of term we asked the students for their reflections on their first term and their learning at HPS. Here is one reflection that captures the feelings of many of us:

Calem’s Term Reflection Poem  

Weeks,weeks,weeks fly by,

The term goes past like a meteor flying through space,

The past is history but the future is a mystery,

There have been GREAT DAYS and VERY GREAT DAYS.  

It was the best term I’ve ever had 
in my lifetime

We have picked up new people on the journey and made new friends!

That’s just how we Hingaia Peninsula School!...TIKARANGA!!!

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  1. Wow, fantastic Reflection Peom Calem!! A lot of personal thoughts have gone into this, so nice to hear your feelings about your personal journey at a new school, sounds like you are very very happy. Hingaia Peninsula sounds like a fabulous school with great teachers and friends to make your Learning journey special. Look forward to seeing more fabulous Work from all of you - well done!