Sunday, 6 May 2012

2012 Term 2 Week 2 - School Camp

One of the advantages of having a tiny school roll is that we can all share experiences! We all went bush this week on a trip to Sonshine Ranch in Hunua. Studio 3 stayed for 2 days and had an overnight in the bivouacs (brrrr!!) and Studio 2 joined them on the second day.

It was great to have had the opportunity for all children - from 5 to 13 - be able to try out new activities and experiences. We saw children really facing up to their fears and giving things a go. The support and challenge between students was fabulous to see; students living the key competencies of contributing and participating, self management, relating to others and thinking, all in the bush setting.

We challenged ourselves with horse riding, water challenge, campfire, climbing wall, tunnels, flying fox and rope swings. Sonshine Ranch was an amazing venue with excellent, friendly and knowledgable instructors, well cared for and well behaved horses and excellent safety gear. We were impressed with their organisation for us.

Of course we cannot do any EOTC activity without the support of our parents through funding the trips, making sure their children have all the right gear for a trip to the bush, and filling in the seemingly endless (but necessary) forms. We are grateful for their support as we planned our trip.

An extra special thank you for our parents who came with us to make sure we had our adult:child ratios for a bush trip and to provide transport. Our trip parents were fully involved in the fun and challenge and participated in all the activities. We couldn't do it without your time and support and we are very grateful to the mums and dads who came along this time.

Our students were, as always, fully involved, fun and spirited - nothing phased them, be it climbing walls, pitch black tunnels or flying through the bush on a wire!! Our brand new 5 year olds were climbing to the top of the climbing wall and pushing themselves to try new things - just amazing to see them embrace the challenges!

We had a lot of fun with our students at the ranch and hope to be able to do it again very soon.

Learning how to vault on horseback

One of the ponies at Sonshine Ranch

Enjoying the ride

Warming up around the campfire

Can't wait to get on!

Cuddles with the bunny

More cuddles

More cuddles

Learning how to walk on the horses

Safety hats on and ready to go

Learning how to use the climbing wall

Look how high I went!

Rock monkeys!

Off tunneling with Linda


Ready to fly!

Check out that confident grin!


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