Saturday, 12 May 2012

2012 Term 2 Week 3 - Coffee and Cake

Our students have been learning about letter and invitation writing and this week have written thank you letter to our camp helpers, invited their mums to "Coffee and Cake" and have made Mother's Day cards.

We celebrated Mother's Day on Friday afternoon with a "Coffee and Cake" afternoon for our mums. Every student hand decorated a cupcake for their mum and presented it to them with a coffee or tea when they arrived. The time and care that our students put into decorating their cupcakes was touching to watch and the comments around choosing what to use centred on what mum would like (although most students hoped that mum would share their cupcake with them!)

It was lovely to see mums and kids enjoying their coffee and cake and chatting to other mums. Our students were very proud of their cupcakes and had such a lot of fun decorating and presenting them to their mums.

We had over 80% of our mums come along and a few Nana's come if mum couldn't make it. Those mums who couldn't come along should have received a cupcake when they got home - we did ask the students not to eat them on their way home from school!

Our mums were entertained by our HPS Choir in their first public appearance! Donna has been teaching our choir and they are to perform in the Papakura Choir Festival at the end of July. They are a small choir due to constraints on numbers from the choir organisers but Donna tells me she could have had many more as our students are amazing singers.

A huge thank you to Papakura New World who donated and delivered the cupcakes for our mums. We are very grateful for your support New World!

Some photos of our day:

Studio 2 decorating their cupcakes

Learning how to pipe icing

Some of our finished creations

Some of our finished creations

55 beautiful cupcakes ready for mum

Mums and kids enjoying coffee and cake

Listening to the choir

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