Sunday, 20 May 2012

2012 Term 2 Week 4 - Problem Solving

Our Studio 2 students had noticed that they couldn't read the titles of some of their books in the bookshelf. They wondered how they could fix the problem and tried out a variety of different 'packers' under the books. One day last week they were looking at the problem and decided that the shelves needed to be shallower. The four boys then worked with Cole on designing and making an insert shelf that the books could stand up on. The shelves are made of MDF and were measured and assembled by the workshop boys with materials cut to size by Cole.
The boys then took their solution to Studio 3 and asked them if they had the same problem with their bookshelf and offered to fix it for them!

We are impressed with the problem solving, inquiry and construction skills of these four boys who have solved a real problem for us using materials we had onsite - great work team!

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  1. Thank you boys for finding a solution to our library problem. Now that we can see all our book titles it is easier to choose a book to read.