Friday, 25 May 2012

2012 Term 2 Week 5 - Community

We have a lot of visitors here at HPS - some weeks we have people every day who want to come and see what we are doing, look at our learning spaces and talk with us about the collaborative learning areas. Our students are quite blase about the numbers of visitors and carry on with their learning despite there being 20 principals in the room, or a group of architects looking at the design. Should one of our visitors ask them about their learning or their new school however it is a different matter! Our students constantly make us proud of their ability to confidently speak to adult visitors and explain to them how the studio works, what they are learning and why they are enjoying learning at HPS - they are articulate, friendly and succinct!

Prospective parent tours are held on Tuesday mornings between 9am and 10am and are well attended by those who have enrolled their children or whose who are thinking about it. To date we have not had anyone come for the tour who has been thinking about enrolling who has not then done so!

This week, it was the turn of our parent community to have a chance to come in and see their children learning.

Every child at HPS sets learning goals with their teachers in reading, writing and maths. These goals are reflected upon and refined continuously throughout the term as children make progress against their goals and achieve them. We value parent input into these goals and the purpose of the open morning this week was to allow our students the opportunity to share their goals with their families. Students were able to log into their google docs, share their learning goals and reflections from term 1, share and refine their new goals and, together with their families, identify some ways these goals could be enhanced at home through tasks, practice, games and resources.

We had an excellent turnout for our open morning and our students just loved being able to show their parents and grandparents their learning! There was a real buzz in the studios as students showed off their learning and logged on and off google docs to share their goals.

The feedback from parents was that this was a good way to see what their children were doing, an authentic reason to come into the studio and experience some of the learning while contributing to their children's ongoing learning goals.

We look forward to having more of these mornings in the future, the benefits for students, parents and teachers is evident in the building of the relationships for learning.

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