Sunday, 3 June 2012

2012 Term 2 Week 6 - ERO

Last October the Ministry of Education commissioned the Education Review Office to conduct a pre-opening audit to triangulate evidence and confirm that we were ready to open. The team came to visit us for the day, visited the site, discussed our documentation and prepared a report for the Ministry of Education.

This year the same team came back to visit us in operation and to prepare a report which will be on the ERO website. We welcomed our ERO team on Friday and they spent time meeting with some of the establishment Board of Trustees, visiting the studios and taking with the children and teachers, meeting with Jane, Hayley and Cole and chatting with some parents prior to assembly.

The ERO team enjoyed chatting to our parents and students and hearing about all the learning we have been doing at HPS. They commented that several pieces of information they had read on the website they had seen in practice and heard students and/or parents talking about them. They thoroughly enjoyed our assembly and the way the students presented their learning.

The ERO team will provide a report to the board in a couple of weeks and we will let you know when it is public and available on their website.

We expect to welcome ERO back in the middle of next year when we will have a full review and enter into the normal cycle of reviews.

Thank you to the parents, children and teachers who took the time to speak with ERO on Friday and we look forward to sharing their findings with you.

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