Sunday, 10 June 2012

2012 Term 2 Week 7 - Working Bee

How many students does it take to organise a working bee?

How many parents does it take to make a raised garden?

This weekend Studio 3 held our first working bee. The students designed, planned, costed, fund raised and organised the entire event! The purpose of the working bee was to create some raised gardens so that the students could plant veges next week during the traditional planting time of Matariki.

Martariki is traditionally known as Maori New Year, it is  a time to celebrate new beginnings.  For the students in Studio 3 this year it is a time to celebrate the culmination of two terms of inquiry learning as we construct two gardens to support our Enviroschool philosophy. We have decided to plant our garden on the 21st June because this day is Matariki, which is the Maori new year. Matariki is important because it was said that the brighter the stars, the warmer the season resulting in a really good crop. Thursday 21 June is going to be a very special day for the students as they will be opening and planting their Matariki garden.

Our Studio 3 students planned the gardens, taking note of who would be using them, the location of the sun and thinking about our future building plans. They managed to have most of the materials donated by friends, families and businesses associated with the school.

We had several students and their parents come along to help and while the dad's built the raised gardens, the students helped out with catering, fetching and measuring. A huge thank you to all those who helped out with materials and/or on the day!

Studio 3 did an amazing job of planning and managing this event and we are looking forward to watching the crops flourish over the next few seasons.

Here are a selection of photos from the day:

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