Sunday, 22 July 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 1 - Peter and Benjamin

This term we welcomed our school rabbits; Peter and Benjamin.

Peter and Benjamin are 6 month old New Zealand White brothers adopted from the Auckland SPCA They will live at school with us during term time and go on holiday when term is over. 

They are large rabbits and need plenty of space so will live in the newly constructed “Rabbit Ranch” on Rapeti Rise in the courtyard. 

The grass on Rapeti Rise was sprayed during the holidays so Peter and Benjamin will move to their new location in week 2 once the spray has dissolved.

Our students are learning about what rabbits needs are so that we are sure we are looking after them properly and giving them the right food, shelter, care, love and attention.

Already this week we have seen a lot of students visiting the bunnies and learning about them. When we asked one of our boys what he was doing in between the new hutch and the window his reply was "reading to Peter and Benjamin of course". It's great to see our students embracing their new pets and thinking about how we need to act around them, who should clean the hutch (Cole apparently!!) and asking what they can bring in for them to eat.

Peter and Benjamin are starting their own blog to share their adventures with us and can be emailed on We will link to their blog on the website so look out for more from them next week!

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