Monday, 30 July 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 2 - Flippa Ball

What is Flippa Ball? And why are we teaching this at HPS?

Flippa Ball is a ball sport played in the water and teaches the skills of water polo without the deep pool and the 'egg beating' required by water polo players. This sport came to our attention last year when we were organising our sports/PE programmes and purchasing resources and, although we do not have a school pool, we thought the sport provided a fun and challenging way to enhance ball skills, water confidence and team work.

We are currently travelling to Swimsation to give every student an opportunity to develop Flippa Ball skills within a warm and safe environment. Our thanks to the parents who come along and help with transport every week - we really couldn't do this without your support!

Children are grouped according to height in Studio 2 to allow the taller students to learn in the centre of the pool while the younger students have the added confidence booster of the bar and platforms from which to practice their skills. In Studio 3 we are working with students in their Learning Advisor groups as we have a focus on developing key competencies within the game.

Our students have certainly improved in confidence in the water from week 1 to week 2 and it is great to see the skills they are being taught during the Fundamental Skills programme transferring into a different sport and a different environment. Studio 3 play a short game at the end of their session and this will improve not only the skills of Flippa Ball but also their strategy in game play!

Cole, Hayley and Jane take the sessions at the pool and studio teachers are free to observe individual students and their development of key competencies. Teachers learn a lot from observing their students and this time is valuable in developing an overall understanding of students in a different environment.

We are looking forward to developing the skills and games of Flippa Ball over the remainder of the year.

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