Sunday, 26 August 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 6 - Visitors

As you will imagine, being a new school we are popular with visitors. We have architects, Ministry of Education, educational consultants, teachers, principals, study groups and overseas visitors through our school almost every week. They come to see our learning spaces, to hear our philosophy and to see it all in action. There are some who love what we do ... others who's skepticism is clear to see ... some who have followed our progress since we started ... and others who have a new building plan to get under way.

We have visitors who come in person, visitors who skype in and some who come several times. We have had skype chats with students in Wellington but this week we welcomed students from another school for the first time. 

Point View School came to visit us with their teachers and doubled our roll instantly! We hosted a Year 2 class and a Year 6 class and they brought a range of devices and experiences to share. 

Our students shared their green screen experiences, their blog, their sites and Point View students shared their blogs and wikis with us. Students from both schools were completely engaged in sharing with and learning from one another as they explored their digital worlds on their iPads, iPods and laptops.

During the break times we saw the school colours of black and blue (HPS) and red and green (PVS) all interacting, playing together, chatting and a "your school against our school" football match was underway. Having 120+ students in the courtyard resulted in lots more noise - it was lovely to hear the laughter and chatting as the students got to know each other.

The Point View students were impeccably behaved, completely engaged in their learning and were a credit to their school. Their teachers should be very proud of them! They loved our learning environment and one of their students was overheard answering the questions as to which school he liked better with "all their stuff in our school"!!

We gave over Studio 1 to PVS for the afternoon so that they could explore the furniture and play with the green screen at their leisure. They thoroughly enjoyed exploring the furniture and studio environment and I hear they went back to school with a long "wish list" - sorry!!

It was great fun to welcome students to our school to share our environment and a great learning experience for both Point View students, our students and all the teachers. The idea that students can visit, skype, learn in different environments, learn with others in a different school is one that we are keen to explore more as we have more student visitors learn with us either digitally or in person so if you are interested in bringing some students to visit …

Sunday, 19 August 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 5 - Community Meetings

This week we invited our community to share learning goals with their children followed by information meetings on maths learning and cyber safety. 

Mel and Stephanie led parents through the way we teach numeracy 'these days'. We discussed strategy and knowledge and ways to help at home. Studio teachers worked through the different stages of numeracy with parents and parents had the opportunity to play games which help with number knowledge. 

Linda then discussed cyber safety and how the cyber environment outside of school may not be as well protected as the one we have at HPS. Having open and trusting relationships with your children around cyber environments, along with implementing some of the ideas in our newsletter, will provide students with strategies to help keep them safe in this environment.

On Thursday evening we met with some prospective parents to show them around the school, explain our philosophy and answer any questions they had. We are available for school tours for prospective parents every Thursday morning at 9am so please phone the office if you would like to attend. 

Our next evening tour is on Thursday 15 November at 6pm. Please let any friends or neighbours know when the tours are available - we look forward to welcoming them to our HPS community!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 4 - ERO review

As a new school we have a different schedule of Education Review Office visits to established schools. Prior to opening the Ministry of Education commissioned ERO to complete a readiness audit to establish that we were ready to open.

In June this year we had our second visit from the ERO team who met with parents, teachers, students, establishment board of trustees and senior leaders as well as reviewing documentation. The information they gleaned from meetings was triangulated with evidence from their visit and discussions with the various groups. All of this has been brought together in a report which was shared with the Establishment Board of Trustees and is now available online to share with our community.

We are very pleased with the report and grateful for the huge community support we have had in the initial stages of setting up our amazing new school.

Read the report here.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 3 - Olympics

At Hingaia Peninsula School we are embracing the values of the Olympics throughout our learning.

Balance between mind, body and character
Joy of effort
Fair play
Respect for others
Pursuit of excellence

Our assembly certificates in week 4 will celebrate and acknowledge these values.

We have raised our Olympic flag and have planned visits from New Zealand Olympians over the course of the games. We are looking forward to celebrating New Zealand's successes during the 30th Olympiad in London.