Sunday, 19 August 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 5 - Community Meetings

This week we invited our community to share learning goals with their children followed by information meetings on maths learning and cyber safety. 

Mel and Stephanie led parents through the way we teach numeracy 'these days'. We discussed strategy and knowledge and ways to help at home. Studio teachers worked through the different stages of numeracy with parents and parents had the opportunity to play games which help with number knowledge. 

Linda then discussed cyber safety and how the cyber environment outside of school may not be as well protected as the one we have at HPS. Having open and trusting relationships with your children around cyber environments, along with implementing some of the ideas in our newsletter, will provide students with strategies to help keep them safe in this environment.

On Thursday evening we met with some prospective parents to show them around the school, explain our philosophy and answer any questions they had. We are available for school tours for prospective parents every Thursday morning at 9am so please phone the office if you would like to attend. 

Our next evening tour is on Thursday 15 November at 6pm. Please let any friends or neighbours know when the tours are available - we look forward to welcoming them to our HPS community!

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