Saturday, 22 September 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 10 - Spring

Spring is definitely here at HPS!
We have pukeko babies, ducks nests and cherry blossom all complimented by blue skies and sunshine!! 

We have found that our school site can be a bit chilly in a south westerly but the arctic (antarctic sorry!! - showing my northern hemisphere roots!) winds have reduced over the past few weeks and we are definitely moving into spring.
Our students are quite concerned about the safety of our pukeko chicks and duckings so please be careful when driving around the grounds … even our lawn mowing man was watched carefully in case he got too close to the nests!!


Sunday, 16 September 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 9 - Sports

This week our badminton team of 4 went to the local zone competition. We didn't place overall but our individual players did very well. Congratulations to Mayur, Selwyn, Grace and Madison for representing us so well!

We have had a great term of sports despite not doing so well at our inter school competitions! Our students have improved in their ball skills through the leadership of Counties Manukau Sports coaches Linda and Michelle and in their water confidence, game strategies and team spirit through flippa ball.

We have really enjoyed watching the students grow in ability and confidence and it is great to see these skills transferring into playground games, PE and fitness. 

Our thanks to all those who have helped us to teach, coach, transport and organise the sports this term!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 8 - What others think

This week we have welcomed more visitors, amongst them a group from the Ministry of Education property team and the community of Monte Cecilia School.

The property team from MoE came to have a look at our design and build as they are often recommending that principals building new classroom or admin blocks come to visit us. It was interesting chatting to the property team about how and why we have our buildings the way they are, the use of natural materials, the design of our spaces, the outdoor environment. They were impressed with the architectural details and the use of colour, furniture and equipment but, like all our visitors, just loved seeing the students using the spaces!

There is often a misconception that the students will be easily distracted and off task in the large studios, that the three teachers and large group of students will create a noisy and chaotic environment which will detract rather than enhance learning. We have found that, after the initial excitement with the mobile furniture, our students are showing a high degree of self management and responsibility for their learning.

Our visitors are impressed at the little kids sitting up high at the study carrels, the children lying on beanbags completely engrossed in their learning, the students working on devices alongside others writing in books, all engaging in the same learning but in different ways. As one visitor put it, "it's the key competencies in action".

We couldn't agree more! 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

2012 Term 3 Week 7 - Celebrating Fathers Day

This week we celebrated the men in our community by holding a Fathers Day Fun morning where dads, grandads, uncles and friends came along to share in some technology challenges with our students. We had a fun morning of paper planes, leaning towers of pasta, dress up photo booth and a darts competition.

It was great to see so many of our community come along to share some fun learning with our students and share a sausage sizzle brunch. Thank you to all who came along and to our teachers for preparing the games!