Sunday, 4 November 2012

2012 Term 4 Week 3 - HPS Masterchef

Over the past couple of weeks our students have been exploring Kiwi Kai and 5+ a Day as part of our Whanake Hingaia inquiry.

Teachers took part in a Kiwi Kai Masterchef competition with Chef Cole the winner in the final. This week it was the turn of the students who had the option of creating a dish at home and brining it in on Wednesday for judging. 

Our judges had a big job taste testing as we had over 40 entries! (not bad for a school of 67!!) The entries were beautifully presented and all students had prepared copies of their recipes to share with their friends. During the taste test our mini chefs explained their dishes to the audience while the dish was shown on the big screen. All of our students did really well explaining the links to 5+ a Day as well as why they had chosen their particular dish to make for the competition.

Our winners on the day were Eli and Melani - well done to our mini masterchefs!

The recipes were researched, tested and prepared by the students to link into the 5+ a day concept and we had muffins, fruit drinks, salsa, shepherds pie, pizza, turnovers and more. 

These recipes are dishes that our students have chosen for themselves and are (mostly) lunch box friendly. They will be collated into a recipe book which will be available at Whanake Hingaia on Saturday 24 November.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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