Friday, 23 November 2012

2012 Term 4 Week 6 - Chrischurch visit

This week I had the honour of addressing some of the principals, teachers and parents of schools in Christchurch who are facing closure, renewal or merger. This was an incredibly humbling experience. I attended two meetings with some of my colleagues from new and refurbished schools around the country to share our journey, philosophy and design. My last visit to Christchurch was around the same time last year and I was amazed at both how little appeared to have changed and the gaping holes where buildings used to be. A trip around the red zone was a stark reminder to those of us in other parts of the country of the resilience, spirit and determination in the city. It brought tears to my eyes and a sense of shame that I had not appreciated the extent of the hardships faced by the people of Christchurch. As one of our hosts explained, "my city is broken, but come back in 20 years and what a city you will see." Kia kaha Christchurch.

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