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2012 Term 4 Week 7 - Whanake Hingaia

Wow - our first pseudo ag day!
When the establishment board of trustees stated that they were looking for a foundation principal who could blend rural and urban all I could offer was a pair of gumboots and a 4-wheel drive! On reflection I remembered learning how to milk a cow when I was 11 and that I could horse ride (kind of!).
At my interview I promised that, as a community, we would blend rural and urban - and Whanake Hingaia is an example of just that!
We had baking, we had jolly jars, we had a pet show, we had a pig and a lamb (yes - just one of each!) and we raised 6 chicks. Our students all designed, built and decorated bird boxes and some grew gardens to show. Not a bad start for a group of 69 students!
Our students had an amazing day, our parent support was fabulous and we had sponsorship and support from our local businesses and our build team (yes, still involved in developing the school!).
Our teachers and students partnered with our community to learn as we developed our plan of the day. Our parents really got on board to support all our efforts, painting bird boxes, baking cakes, babysitting chicks … a huge thank you to them for getting behind us!

Here are some of the student reflections of the day:

Whanake Hingaia
It was very strange on Saturday, because everyone went to school for Whanake Hingaia!
Me Anei and Calem got a certificate. Anei and Calem got it for the heaviest, pet and I got it for the ringwalk I think my brother got it for the Agility show. Perry my wonderful dog, was very good!
Mum was very proud of me because I won the Art competition! Mum said that I could get my hair sprayed with green stripes. My Aunty got me 10 tickets to buy things with. Whanake Hingaia was very fun because all my friends were there, and my friends all did the lemonade stand with me. I hope we have a lemonade stand next time!
By Sasha T

Lemonade stand!
Whanake Hingaia
On Saturday we (our school kids)went to school for a school party.It was for hanging out with your friends.I was there with Anei and Charlotte.The name of the party was called Whanake Hingaia.I went in my friend’s mothers car.
Me, Anei and Charlotte worked at the lemonade stand. We had lots of fun. We were the first people trying the lemonade. The lemonade was so delicious. We were so busy. All of us had a job. The lemonade cost one whole ticket and you got one refill free.
It was the end of the day. I was sad because I couldn’t have any more fun with my friends. 
By Stephanie

The Pig Colin

Have you ever been to an ag day before?
Well I have. My school had an ag day.We called it Whanake Hingaia Day. 
There was a pet show. I entered my pet pig Colin. He was kept in a cage because if we kept him on a leash he would run away! My dad made a competition up that you could guess how much my pig weighed and then you would win a prize.
I guessed 140kg but I wasn’t sure if it was right. When it was time to announced all the winners my dad came up he said Colin ways... 120kg. He said and that my cousins were the winners! I was surprised that they won! They won two fishing rods and two fishing nets!
By Anei

On Saturday at Whanake Hingaia I came 1st place in the bird box competition. I was so embarrassed. I went to the fire truck and I watered the school with the hose. Mostly the grass. It was so cool and a little bit wet.
by Harneil

On Saturday it was Whanake Hingaia. Charlotte & Anei & Stephanie had a running race. Charlotte came first. They all were having fun. They looked happy.
By Eli

Ag day
On Ag Day I got my photo taken by Anei’s mum.  I was running up to the camera. My face was painted with a love heart! Anei came to my house for a swim after ag day. I was happy on ag day. My arms were in the air as I ran up to the camera  At Ag Day we could buy some stuff. We made bird boxes for Ag Day - they looked cool!
By Mackenzie 

Whanake Hingaia
On saturday it was Whanake Hingaia and it was fun and exciting. There was a pet show contest and there were lots of judging and winning lots of prizes. People were buying tickets like mad! They had to line up in a long, long, long line. Nadine had to photocopy more tickets. It was a big success.
By May

Whanake Hingaia
On Saturday me and my dad went to the school.  Well my dad had to put up the gazebo because the principal wanted to use it.  It was hard to put it up. I went to the lemonade stand. It smelt nice and tasty. I mixed it. It was so slimy to mix. I took over from Anei, Steph, Charlotte and Sasha. After a while Mack took over from me so I saw with my fabulous eyes, cake. I got some - Yummy! I got my arm painted. It was a flower. I went to Averil. She said I could get this diary. I said, “Thanks.” It was a lovely day.
I said, “Thanks for taking me Dad.”
By Riley

Whanake Hingaia
On Saturday our school had a Whanake Hingaia Day.

Whanake Hingaia
Whanake Hingaia is our schools version of an Ag Day. If you still don’t quite understand then... google it! (I’ll give you 5 minutes to google then back to the story “ok?”)

tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock 

Now I’m sure thats been 5 minutes (not really, I just really want to get back to the story). Now, where were we “ah here we are” 

At Whanake Hingaia we had a pet show we got certificates, I got one for the loudest dogs! I also came second in bird boxes (mine was a cow) and I didn’t win anything for grow a garden because I FORGOT TO BRING IT! Maybe I should grow a brain instead! 

Whanake Hingaia was fun I hope we have one next year! 
By: Charlotte  

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