Friday, 7 December 2012

2012 Term 4 Week 8 - Celebrations

Over the past 10 days we have celebrated various members of our new community;

Our parent helpers joined us for a thank you afternoon tea of local strawberries and ice cream and received a putiputi as a token of our gratitude for all their help this year.

Our graduates were treated to a graduation ceremony, party tea and disco to farewell them and wish them every success on their future learning journey.

And we have had our inaugural prize giving.

As the "Start-Up Team" we have a the responsibility to create history and traditions and to make decisions about 'how things will be around here'. We are creating the culture of the school and part of that culture is the honouring of excellence.

Our whanau groups are an important part of our philosophy, learning and growing together, weaving our way, teaching stages not ages … and as such we have chosen not to only honour the older students in our community, but all of them.

Our learning is informed by our vision. This vision is lived by our students and teachers and, as such, forms the basis for our end of year award structure. Our trophies have been hand made from New Zealand pounamu and native kauri to reflect our logo and our vision. They are our very special taonga, made to honour our very special learners.
Today we presented a student from each studio with a medal linked to each component of the vision. Our trophy recipients were chosen by the staff as the student who most displayed the aptitudes and attitudes of that aspect of the vision.

Our 2012 trophy recipients, congratulations to you all!!

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