Saturday, 9 February 2013

2013 Term 1 Week 1

It is great to have our children back at school after a beautiful New Zealand summer. Our teachers have been busy reflecting on 2012 to further develop our programmes of learning, organisation and "how we do thing" to meet the needs of our learners.

We have welcomed 15 new students and now have a role of 90 in our two studios. A warm welcome to our new students and families.

Mamaku studio has 41 students in Weka, Kiwi and Takahe whanau groups and Nikau studio has 49 students in Hoiho, Kotare and Kotuku whanau groups. We have changed our 'bells' this year to reflect the birds of our whanau groups where possible and, although some of them are not the most melodious of singers, the students are thrilled to hear 'their' bird!

Our students have all settled into their learning and are creating, thinking, collaborating and learning inside and outside, within their studio and in the wider school. Parents will have received a welcome pack containing school organisation information and also a learning pack which details assessment and learning programmes. As we aim to be paperless there should not be much more paper coming home but these documents are personalised to your child and may need to be referred to hence the envelopes.

Our vision drives what we do at HPS and this year we are looking forward to developing this learning further with our students. As part of our quest to be "inspired learners collaboratively creating" all students will be learning design and technology with Ged and Cole and will visit the workshop area each week. Whanau groups are clustered between studios and it has been wonderful to see the peer support for learning the design process already happening. Ask your children about what they are designing.

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