Sunday, 24 February 2013

2013 Term 1 Week 3

This week we have been exploring how to keep safe at school by completing fire drills, earthquake and intruder alerts. It is important that we are always assessing our procedures, especially as our roll grows and our environment changes, and holding these drills regularly ensures that we are as prepared as possible for an emergency event.

You will have been asked to complete your student profile to ensure we have all of your contact details up to date. Thank you to those people who have completed these.

One of the other areas we have been looking at in terms of student safety is our car park, riding and walking to school and the roading situation. We are currently liaising with Auckland Council and NZ Police to ensure we have the very best options for our students - their safety is paramount!

Unfortunately this may mean we have to be more stringent on parking, car park access, wheels to/at school etc. We have always know (and communicated to parents) that this would be an area which would evolve and change, and the growing roll number in conjunction with the huge amount of traffic on Hingaia Road and landworks across the road does mean that things are changing.

We are most grateful to those parents who understand that the procedures being put in place are not an attempt to inconvenience parents but an attempt to increase the safety of our students - we really appreciate your support in making these changes as easy to implement as possible - THANK YOU!

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