Sunday, 17 March 2013

2013 Term 1 Week 6


Our motto is weaving our way - Tikaranga,  meaning to weave together the elements to take the right path.

One of the ways we weave our way is through setting goals. Goals are set and shared by us all at HPS and last week was a big week of goal setting and sharing with student goals being shared with their parents at our open afternoon, teacher goals being shared with me through appraisal, and my own goals being shared with an outside mentor. 

All of our goals link to our charter which details the direction the school is currently heading. This is with the Ministry of Education at the moment and will be shared once accepted.

Our goal sharing afternoon is an opportunity for parents to come into the studios and have their children share their learning with them. For some students this is through showing their parents around, for others it's sharing their goals on my portfolio, for others it's showing their favourite learning centre or piece of learning on the walls. We know that a strong partnership between school and home is a key component to a successful education and thank the parents who have come in and shared the afternoon with their students. We understand that not all families can come in at the allotted times so goals are shared online with parents through a 'secret url' which will be emailed this week.

We have had some great feedback about the open afternoon and parents relishing the opportunity to see their children learning in situ. While having additional adults in the studio and students involved with their parents rather than the normal learning programme does cause some limits to our programme, we do feel that the opportunity for parents to come in and see, and for students to show and tell, is well worth the minor disruptions. Several parents stopped to tell us how much they had enjoyed the afternoon and how valuable it was to see their children's goals while on the way home. 

We look forward to developing these learning goals with your children over the next 10 weeks or so and to seeing their progress and achievement as their goals are realised and new ones set, all contributing to our weaving as we all strive for our right path.

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