Sunday, 24 March 2013

2013 Term 1 Week 7

This week's post is written by our Enviro Leaders:

The First Student Led EnviroSchool Tour

Last week our Enviro Monitors took  few teachers from Pukekawa School to show them our relationship with our environment. The Enviro Monitor was just newly formed a few weeks ago in the vision of keeping our environment clean.We all had a different topic to discuss with our visitors about. In pairs we collaborated and wrote our own short speech.

Power and Water
We discussed with our visitors how at HPS we are always trying to save water and power. We talked about our system where we recycle our rainwater and also told them about our sensors in our rooms that trigger the lights automatically on and off. This helps us save power because we're not burning off energy when it is not needed. We also showed them something not all HPS students know of - our water and power app. There we can track our monthly intake of hot water and lighting. From there we can take a closer look and compare how much water and lighting we use during different months and days.

Worm Farm
Here at HPS we have a worm farm. We use the food scraps to either feed the chickens or give it to the worms. The waste the worms produces are great for our garden and also the worms produce great worm tea for the school to sell for some extra money.  We are looking forward to buy a waste bin system as our school is overflowing with food waste. The waste bin will create great soil for our garden or future uses.

Kiwi Kai & Masterchef
At our school we have this thing called Kiwi Kai. We had a competition last year run by two students where they chose the name for nude food because we wanted our own original name. The winning name was Kiwi Kai. Kiwi Kai is when students are encouraged to have litter free and healthy lunches, because we are an environmentally friendly school. Also last year in about the middle of the year, we had a Master Chef competition, where students and teachers were encouraged to bring litter free and healthy home baking.

We have animals at our school, they are ,rabbits and chickens we also have wild rabbits in our gardens and a worm farm that we use for our garden and our plants. We give the worms and the chickens our food scrapes and the food that we don't eat. We also let the chickens eat the veggies from our garden,and find insects that we feed to them.   We have chicken chiefs that dedicate their time every lunch to feed the chickens and care for them. For the chicken coop one of our parents bought it for us and we had to construct it.  We extended a run onto it and gave then perchers.

Our students designed and built our vegetable gardens. We had a working bee and the community helped. My dad donated soil for the gardens.  We planted vegetables and then  harvested them. The rabbits and chickens love eating the vegetables too.

Waste and Recycling
We have four cube bins and they are all different recyclables, we have a paper, landfill,  recycling and food scrap bins. We give our food to the worm farm and the chickens. We also have three wheelie bins, one for recycling, another for paper and another for landfill. That’s what we empty our bins cube bins into. After that we empty the wheelie bins intou the bigger bin to be collected.

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